Sunday, 15 January 2012

Inspired by an Animal Sunday

I'm really liking this Sunday tradition! Todays animal is a Tiger and is inspired by Emily's Tiger tutorial. I'm not completely happy with the result. The tiger face turned out pretty messed up, but what the heck! Here it is anyways:

 I've used Isadora - Glorious Orange, Hm-Spoiled beauty and OPI ds-magic for the eyes.

It was fun to make tiger nails even though they didn't turn out that good...


  1. Neglene med tigerstriper var utrolig kule!! dette må jeg prøve:)

  2. Skjønner ikke hvordan du ikke kan være fornøyd med dette designet! Tiger = rått :D

  3. I like them! I've seen this tutorial and I want to try it also. Good job!

  4. Wow that is so well done! Love your tiger face!

  5. Syns tigeren ble råstilig jeg! Digger virkelig inspired by an animal sunday!


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