Monday, 30 January 2012

Inspired by an Animal Sunday - Dolphins in Waves

Finally my internet is back, and so my blogging will be back as usual! I was afraid it wouldn't be back until Wednesday and week five of the challenge. I know Inspired by and animal Sunday was yesterday(duh), but I hope it's okey with some dolphins jumping in waves on a Monday:

For the waves I first started with a french tip of Urban outfitters Mint color, then layered the waves in different shades of blue (orly - it's up to blue and Sinful colors - gorgeous) ending with white. Made the dolphin tales with HM - Blue my mind and then added a tear shaped rhinestone to the waves.

I like how it all turned out, pretty happy with adding the teardrop. It reminds me of warm days at the ocean mmm...*dreaming*
# What do you think?
# Do you like dolphins?


  1. those are so pretty! your waves are amazing

  2. These are Gorgeous! Love the detail!

  3. Wow, nydelig! Spesielt di fine bølgene

  4. Så flink du er! Fargespillet her var kjempefint :D


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