Monday, 30 January 2012

Inspired by an Animal Sunday - Dolphins in Waves

Finally my internet is back, and so my blogging will be back as usual! I was afraid it wouldn't be back until Wednesday and week five of the challenge. I know Inspired by and animal Sunday was yesterday(duh), but I hope it's okey with some dolphins jumping in waves on a Monday:

For the waves I first started with a french tip of Urban outfitters Mint color, then layered the waves in different shades of blue (orly - it's up to blue and Sinful colors - gorgeous) ending with white. Made the dolphin tales with HM - Blue my mind and then added a tear shaped rhinestone to the waves.

I like how it all turned out, pretty happy with adding the teardrop. It reminds me of warm days at the ocean mmm...*dreaming*
# What do you think?
# Do you like dolphins?


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