Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Polish from Urban Outfitters

When I was in the store Urban Outfitters I came across a couple of six polish sets sold there. They were 20 dollars each so I picked up one of them. This one contained purple, blue, neon yellow, mint green, light blue and multicolor glitters. Other sets had different colors. The colors didn't have any names, but here is a swatch of the dark blue one.
This turned out, to my delight, to be a jelly! A very nice royal-looking color with an amazing shine!
Formula was all good and even though it's a cheap polish it turned out to be very nice. Two coats with top coat:

I really love jellies! The purple one in the set is also a jelly I think so can't wait to try that one too! Stay tuned for a lot of new swatching the next couple of days!
# Do you like jellies?
# Any of the colors you'd like me to swatch first?


  1. Åååh, herlig! Skikkelig fin jelly lakk :)

  2. Jelly polishes are awesome, and so is this!! :D I heartily suggest swatching the purple one next. ^-^

  3. Oh I love the blue! It is so pretty!


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