Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Gorgeous Ocean with Chunky Holo Bluebelle

I promised to make a post where I showed Kleancolor - Chunky holo Bluebelle over a blue. Here I have layered it over Sinful Colors - Gorgeous (swatch coming in the next days).
Bluebelle along with NFU Oh #54 blue flakies makes this great! The blue flakies gives it just a little more sparkle!

The result really reminds me of a mermaids tail or fish scales. I've always envied nail people who've been able to get this effect, just look a little bit around and something mermaid'y will always turn up.

So there it is...
# What do you think of this combo?
# Have you made anything marmaid'y, I'd love to see it!

Chunky Holos from Kleancolor Swatches

Kleancolor is a brand that many nail enthusiasts have been collection lately. It's very cheap, and has reasonable quality. I say reasonable 'cus it varies a lot how the quality is, sometimes great and sometime terrible. But, I mean, what can you expect from polish for  $1.75? You can buy your kleancolors at Beautyjoint here
I happen to have all nine of the chunky holo ones. They are the most attractive I think, so now I'll show swatches of all of them over both white and black. 

First some general on all the polishes. It's a sheer jellybase with small duochrome glitters in green and orange, except for the black one, but you can see that further down. These have a pretty thick formula, so be careful when applying. And they dry sooo sloooow. Really, even with fast drying top coats it was hell. I haven't tried the famous Seche Vite so if that works better I don't know. At least OPIs and LJs doesn't do the job. These photos are all two coats of the Kleancolor over Essie black and Essie white. 

Chunky Holo Purple

A very share lavenderish purple. The glitter is sparse, but has a nice duochrome. Over black most of the purple disappears, but looks great over white.

Chunky Holo Scarlet

The most opaque jelly in the whole bunch. A very nice and strong orangey red. This could probably even have done on it's own, or would have looked great over a similar red tone. The glitter however is far from duochrome. It's just dark red, which is also nice and it actually doesn't bother me that it's not as "holo" as the others.

Chunky Holo Fuchsia

It's a little bit to sheer. If it had been a tad bit more opaque the polish would have been perfect, but now it just turns into more of a neautral purple than a great fuchsia. Other than that the polish is good, just not my taste.

Chunky Holo Black

This is the most special polish in the collection and probably the most sold. Black has big chunks of round and hex glitters along with the small round ones. It's very duochrome, and looks best over black. Also great to spice up other dark colors like red or blue to give it some magic. Over white black just looks weird...

Chunky Holo Candy

Very cute name for a starter. And the color fits it. A candy pink is the best way to describe it. This is how I wanted Fuchsia to be more like. Over black it makes the black look a little orange, like that effect. And the glitter is packed!

Chunky Holo Clover

Over white this looks like a combo of spring green and mint green. Really nice. I wish the glitters in it would have been more blue and green than orange, but what the heck... Over black the green kinda disappears. I'll also throw in a picture of it over Nicole by OPI - One time Lime so you can see it over green.

Chunky Holo Poppy 

This one surprised me. In the bottle it looks like a great orange, but one the nail it's more brown. I don't have any brown jellys, or glitters for that sake. But I can't say I like the color... Nope, not for me. Maybe for someone else though.

Chunky Holo Teal

This one was kinda like Clover. Really great over white, kinda gone over black. I like it! The orange glitters gives it some really nice sparks, and over another blue it will look like fish scales!(post coming with that combo tomorrow!)

Chunky Holo Bluebelle

This one looks very duochrome and unique in the bottle, on the nail not so much .Yes. pretty, but not THAT pretty. It actually looks almost gray... Now, I've seen swatches of it over pink and green and that is some good stuff so I'll try that soon! Over black the duochrome comes great out however.

Now, that was all the chunky holos. Even though none of them actually are holos, more duochrome in the glitter. Scarlet, clover and black are my favorites!

# What's your favorite?
# What do like this collection?

Monday, 30 January 2012

Jack Skellington Polishes Swatches

I bought this set at Claire's a couple of weeks ago on sale for four dollars. They are made by Disney. I love Jack and the nightmare before Christmas and fell completely in love with the bottles! See my Nbc nail design Here.
The set contains three colors; Gray, red and purple. On these swatches there are two coats with OPI top coat. I want to say something about the consistence on these lacquers first. It was weirs... I've never met anything like it. It was thick, but not gloppy like what you expect from thick formulas. It was more like paint than polish... Very hard to explain. It wasn't hard to work with at all, but it didn't get even before I used a top coat. So yeah, that was a total new experience.

Over to the bottles(and the reason I bought them really). They will NOT stand up straight. I had to lean it against another bottle of polish while doing my nails 'cus it just fell over. This would have been an ever bigger problem if the formula had been "normal" and not thick, but hence the paint like polish it didn't run out of the bottle and spill.

That was a damn long introduction... Over to the colors:


Strong orangy red with silverish shimmer


A nice dark gray, with a slight shimmer. A really neutral, but I like it.


A dark purple with a shimmer of even darker purpler.  This one was very pretty.

There wasn't really much to say about the colors so I stayed short.
My verdict of the set: Disney; You are already making great movies and always have. Stick to what you know and don't try to make more nail polish sets!

# Have you met a similar nailpolish formula?
# What do you think of the set?

Inspired by an Animal Sunday - Dolphins in Waves

Finally my internet is back, and so my blogging will be back as usual! I was afraid it wouldn't be back until Wednesday and week five of the challenge. I know Inspired by and animal Sunday was yesterday(duh), but I hope it's okey with some dolphins jumping in waves on a Monday:

For the waves I first started with a french tip of Urban outfitters Mint color, then layered the waves in different shades of blue (orly - it's up to blue and Sinful colors - gorgeous) ending with white. Made the dolphin tales with HM - Blue my mind and then added a tear shaped rhinestone to the waves.

I like how it all turned out, pretty happy with adding the teardrop. It reminds me of warm days at the ocean mmm...*dreaming*
# What do you think?
# Do you like dolphins?

Friday, 27 January 2012

Week 4 - Plaid Mani

I was planning to post this on Wednesday, but I have no internet home now! Gawd, so this is getting posted from my school...
Week four, Plaid. I've seen most others who've made this have been inspired by Burberry. I don't really have any relationship with Burberry so obviously I wanted to do something different. I used to always wear Scottish plaided skirts, at least twice a week, so I felt like being inspired by that! Black became the basecolor, and even though I wanted it more red and greenish I like how it turned out.

I did two tries for this one, first one turned out kinda bad, but second one was better. Here's the first try:

I have a bunch of photos for posts now, and hopefully the internet will be back over the weekend, I can't keep blogging at school. And ofc I won't be here over the weekend, hehe.
# What do you think of me plaid mani?

Guestpost for Jenna Froggy - Leopard Hearts

This is going to be guest post for the lovely miss Jenna Froggy it will be up on her blog on February 5.
Is it too early for Valentines nail designs? I say no. I've been seeing a bunch of pink designs with hearts all over the blogworld lately, so I thought I'd jump on the trend.
I've never been a fan either pink nor hearts, or Valentines for that sake, so I made these my own style.

Made with thin paintbrushes I've used essie - Licore for the base, HM - Spoiled Beauty for the heart and Isadora - Coral and Pink Lemonade the outline and leopard dots. It's not a classic Valentines design, and it's very me! I like it!

If you wanna check me out my blog is nailsncupcakes.blogspot..com and pleas let me know what you think of this design!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The dragon lady giveaway

Just a little heads up for this giveaway by the dragon lady!
You can win some really nice revlon polishes, and that would be rad!

Enter Here

Kicks - Oxygen Forest

I  bought my first Kicks polish the other day, Oxygen Forest was the one that caught my eye and went home to live in my Helmer. I think it actually was the name that made me decide to get this for sure, I'm a sucker for cool names.
It's a very nice color and I don't have any similar in my collection! A gunmetal gray with green undertones and a slight green shimmer. I didn't catch any sunlight photos, but I'm sure it's lovely in the sun as well.

The Kicks polish cost 39 NOK and can be bought at their website. I know there is one that is slight similar to Peridot that many are interested in.

# What do you think of Oxygen Forest?

Monday, 23 January 2012

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Years everybody! Today we are entering the year of the dragon, and boy am I jealous of people being born this year! I am born in the year of the rooster, and that's pretty cool too, but nothing can beat the dragon.
I therefor made this nail design today of a Chinese dragon and a Chinese symbol that means "dragon"(at least I think it does..) I found the symbol here:

If I have any Chinese speaking readers who are now laughing at me because I wrote "toilet" or something instead, pleas tell me! Haha!
And the nails are here:

I've used a little bit of everything for this design. The base is Mac - Obey me and the dragon is mostly Isadora - Ocean drive and gina tricot - Billard.

I love dragons so I'm glad I remembered what today was so I thought about making this design
# Have you celebrated Chinese new year?
# What do you think of my dragon?

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Inspired by an Animal Sunday

This Sundays design is inspired by this bird:

The photo is of course taken by my favorite photographer Joel Sartore.
To make this design i wanted to use really dusty colors with gray undertones, but I don't really have any colors like that. So to make it I mixed gray into all the colors I've used. The base is Nicole by OPI - Respect the world with Jack Skellington Gray as a base. I also mixed Isadora bare fudge and Mellow Yellow to make the yellow on the edges. 

I wanted it a little more feathery, but I'm still quite pleased with the result. 
#What do you think?