Friday, 30 September 2011

NYX - Mocha Latte

After many days of wearing strong colors and big designs I needed something calming and "light". The choice fell on an untried, NYX - Mocha Latte.
Mocha Latte is a nude with golden shimmer in it. It applied very vell, but needed three coats to get opaque. The color is pretty and just what I needed to calm my eyes. I hardy ever wear nude colors, but this one was special. A little peachy I would say, or maybe caramel is the right word..

I can't say I'll wear it alot, but it's a good choice for a nude if I would want that again.. And it's great if I want to make a leopard design

                                                # Do you like nudes?

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Black and Yellow Splatter

Today I picked up my straw, took a deep breath and blew! And this is my result!

I just love splattering! The design is always unique and it's also fun to make it. What isn't that much fun is the clean up... But if you use tape around your nails first it will be easy peasy! I don't use tape, just nailpolish remover around afterwards, but I think most people prefer the tape way.
I used H&M - I'm not a kiwi as a basecolor and Essie - Licorice to splatter.

                                                   # Do you like to make splatter manis?

Models Own Beetlejuice

Models Own have announced , that they are launching new shades this November and they all look so amazing!


The BEETLEJUICE Collection! 

Consists of FIVE new multi-tonal shades. 

-GOLDEN GREEN, a fresh energetic acid.
- PINKY BROWN, a warm rusty pink.
- PURPLE BLUE, a vibrant punch of fuchsia indigo.
- AQUA VIOLET, a true sky shimmer.
- EMERALD BLACK, a bold-blackened midnight peacock!
They have advised us that each bottle contains four pearlescent colours mixed 
into one gleaming shade, and the complex colour-shifting, with flashes 
                                         of vivid tones and ethereal hues, gives a shimmering duo chrome finish. 

Priced at just £5 each and available early November exclusively from their website
They all look so amazing, they are all coming to live in my helmer in November! It's a perfect birthday present, to myself!

New Giveaway Winner

It's been over 48 hours, and I haven't heard form the winner of the 2. prize, so I've found a new one!
The winners are choosen by by the way. The new winner is :

Send me your name and adress on within 48 hourse please!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Purple holo jelly hex

I wanted to try Kleancolor - Born to be purple today, but I thought it was way to sheer to use by itself. So I decided to layer it over Nfu Oh # 66 (one of the amazing nfu holos), it turned out to be much more opaque than I though, but the result was cool! A purple holo, with a jelly finish and hexagon glitters. Pretty neat, huh? Used Makeup Store - Aqua fix as basecoat to make my holo work.

I think I would have liked it better if the hexagon glitters haden't been there, but it did give an extra spark to it! This is something I could have made an franken out of, what do you think?

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Kleancolor - Metallic Red

This is a really beautiful lacquer from Kleancolor. Even though the name says Metallic, I would call it more of a foil. Just see the bottle picture:

It's very hard to mix the polish together to get an even color. You know you're not supposed to shake the bottle? You'll get bubbles, not good. You should  rub gently it bettween your palms to mix it.

But lets look at it on the nails! This is a wonderful raspberry color, and the foil/metallic finish gives it a unique look. I really love in on my nails, just want to eat it! If you don't have this and plan to order Kleancolor, put this in your basket! And the best thing? This is one coat!

So only negative thing is that when you get some color chipped of the tips it's really hard to fix it, becaus the color seems to be different everytime you use it. Since it's hard to get an even color. But it will just have to do, I love it anyway! Now I wish I had orderd more metallic Kleancolor!

                                               Do you have Metallic red?

Spellbinding Nails Giveaway

Spellbindingnails is having a 1000 followers giveaway and you can win some amazing stuff here! I sure am joing, are you?

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Giveaway Winners!

The time is finaly here! I'm so happy to announce the winners of my first giveaway! I said that I would bring in an extra prize if there were many participants, but unfortunately there were only 48 so no extra prize.. But I still have three prizes for some lovely ladies! And those are... drum roll:
First prize Sio!

Second prize Lovenail - Maria

Third Prize JM


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Monday, 26 September 2011


I was going to announce my giveaway winners today. And I had plans posting a buch of swatches this weekend, but I'm really sick so it will have to wait.
Sorry guys, hope the rest of you are well and healthy! Will try to announce my winners tomorrow!
And while you wait, here are some adorable cakes to look at!

These would be the perfect birthdaycakes for so many nailladies I know!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Kleancolor - Midnight Seduction

I expected this color to be more like Kleancolor - Holo Chrome, but I was really disappointed.
In the bottle it looks like a gray base packed with glitters, but what it really is is more like a clear base with pink, blue and gold glitters.
I guess it's good as a gliter polish, but I've never really been into those, so this was nothing great for me.
It's too sheer to use by itself so I swatched it over a white base.

Three coats over Essie - Blanc

This picture is with no basecolor just to show how sheer it is. Three coats:
Dried okey, but I needed two coats of top coat to make it shiny and smooth. The formula was thick and pretty hard to work with. So this is no starlacquer for me, but I can understand if somebody loves it! I'm just picky I guess...

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Friday, 23 September 2011

H&M - Goddess on stage

This is a pretty old H&M polish, but it's still nice. I like purple alot and this has just the perfect glitters in it. Red and blue in a purple shimmer base.
It dries almost matte, so you would need a top coat on it, if you don't normaly wear one. I always do.
This is one of my top autumn colors. Great for parties, but not over the top.
Two coats:

Thursday, 22 September 2011

OPI - Got the Blues for Red

This came out with the 2005 Chicago collection, the same as Lincoln Park after Dark.
I think this is the perfect red so many girls are looking for. A little sophisticated, very sexy and super hot. It's right between wine red and blood red. Oh, I could go on about this color for ages, but don't take my word, look at my picture:
Two coats, no top coat:

Dried extremely fast, even for an OPI creme. I love wearing this to anything, parties, job interviews or dates. And it goes well with my 50s, pin up style! So it may not be everybodys perfect red, but it sure is mine!

                                # Have you found your perfect red? Is Got the Blues for Red it?


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

China Glaze - Gussied Up Green

I have to admit I've hade som pretty spread feelings about this lacquer. When I first ordered it I had seen some amazing photos of it and though "Wow, I need it!" And after that I saw another swatch and though "Ugh, not pretty", and then I got the bottle and it looked all brown and dark and nothing special.

Okey, so in this picture the bottle looks nice, but not in real life.
So I applied it with some  anxiousness. But to my delight it turned out to be beautiful! These are two coats:



Closeup in sunlight

In the shade it can look browninsh and boring, but in most lights it's an amazing green shimmerpolish. I think the main base must be brown, but this only gives a hint of red and I like it! Applied wonderful, and I'm so glad I have it now.
This color really gives me a Christmas feeling!

Here I decorated with yellow and red rhinestones in different sizes to make an autumn design:

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Kleancolor - Forest Fairy

This color looked amazing in the bottle and I was so excited to try it. To my disappointment it almost didn't even show on the nail. Thats how sheer it was. I tried with 4 coats, and really, nothing...
So I layered it over Icing - Bright Green. Wich is a metallic green.
To my suprise and delight the color turned out to be pretty much the same as what it looks like in the bottle!
One coat of Bright Green and two coats of Forest Fairy.

Shade, Daylight
If it haden't been for the ridiculous sheerness of this lacquer it would have been a favorite.. I'll experiment with some layering over black and white, so I'll just have to see how it turns out.
It was a disappointment at least...

Green Leopard

Leopard pattern is a classic, even in nail design. This is probably the pattern i wear the most on clothes and every time I don't feel like being very crative, but still want to make something nice I make this.
There are a billion options, and today I made it green

Base is OPI - Green-wich Village with Icing - Bright green and Milani - black sketch

Monday, 19 September 2011

Dragon Fruit Fimo

This design is inspired by the Asian fuit Pitaya or more commonly known as Dragon Fruit.
I made the whole nail into a Pitaya fruit with a dotting tool and a flat wide brush, and then placed a slice of fimo on two of the fingers.

I used Essie - Blanc, Licorice and Rose Bowl.

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Going Bananas (with fimo)

Todays design was my first ever with fimo. I really love the concept and I think it's fun to play around with it.
I guess the hardest thing with fime is to get the slices thin enough, if you use sticks that are not already sliced. The trick is to use a sharp enough knife, I used a scalpel and it worked out fine for me.

For this I've used Isadora - Mellow yellow as a base color, this color already reminded me of bananas so it was the perfect choise. Sponged on with HM - I'm not a kiwi, Berry M - Yellow neon and Kleancolor - Holo clover on the tip. Then I placed a slice of banana fimo on two fingers with tweesers:
 I think the fimos really look like the fruits they are supposed to look like. I guess mot fimos look like fruits of some kind.
You can buy both ready sliced and sticks of fimo on Ebay.
Only bad thing about it is that it can be really anoying to wear it on your nails, and I just want to rip them of, hehe.

                                                        # Do you like to play with fimo on your nails?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

NYX -Wild

I bought this color on a sale a while ago, it' my first NYX.
The bottle is really cute, with a little diamond and everything.
I can't really put my finger on what color it is. The base is dark greyish blue, packed with loads of golden shimmer and I can see red glitters in there. A multicolor in other words. The color sort of reminds me of a cold day in the forest.
Application was thin, needed three coats.

I think I like this color best in the shade, more "filling" if you catch my drift. 


Closeup in sunlight
I'm really having problemst describing this lacquer. It's beautiful all right, but I can't say why... Hmm. Oh, well. Good for the autumn is it at least and it will be fun to experiment with layering.

                                                       # Do you have NYX
                                                       # Ever had problems describing a lacquer?

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Orly - Flagstone rush

I've gotten a great love for Orly lately, and this is one of my top autumn lacquers.
Normaly I don't like brown shades and I won't wear brown if I have a choice. But with this one it's a whole new story! I absolutely love this color. A brown orangely shimmer. Applies perfectly and dries in a sec.
Direct sun

This lacquer is so opaque you can almost wear it in one coat. I always use at least two, but if you're in a rush this can be a one coater. Not bad, huh?

Elisabeth Michelle har konkurrasen!

Den fantastiske bloggeren misjelle har konkurranse på bloggen sin akkurat nå, og da vil jeg jo dele den med mine fantastiske lesere!

Her kan du vinne mye gøy stamping utstyr, noe jeg enda ikke har klart å skaffe meg selv, så håper jeg vinner her.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Autumn is here!

Autumn is here, so this is going to be my autumn post for the next few months. I'll post my favorite autumn lacquers and new autumn designs.

My top 8 autumn colors:
This autumn I like wearing deep colors like orangy browns and wine reds. Most of my tops are shimmers, I like some sparkle in my autumn days. I only choose one creme, Plans a Lot, a dusty purple for a cold feeling of the fall wind. The wine red, Got the blues for red, is actually also a creme. But I don't get that "creamy" feeling from it, get it?
Note that these are all ones i already have, new autumn collections are still coming, but they will be added separately.

Press name for swatch:

Press name for swatch.

Autumn designs:

China Glaze - Gussied up green, with red and yellow rhinestones

A burgundy lacquer

This color doesn't really have a brand. I got it in a set with 8 for christmas last year. On the back it says Markwins Internation, but that doesn't really tell me anything ( After a google search I found out that it's a German cosmetic brand). I thinks it's a lovely color, and it gives me a warm feeling! Great for the autumn. The quality and consistence is great, nothing to complain about really.

Even though it's a 'no brander' I'm glad I have it.