Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Revlon - Minted

I love minty colors, and it's a shame I don't wear it that often. I really need some more mints in my collection.
This color is by Revlon. It's a very light mint, a little too light for my taste. In some lights it may look white... The application went very good, this is two coats.

I wanted to make a design with mint and gold, but I totally forgot. Next time I guess...

#Do you like minty colors?

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Do you want Orly - Fowl Play?

As an early Christmas present I'd like to give one of my lovely readers Orlys Fowl play! 
I really love this color and hope the winner will also love it!

All you have to do is leave a comment and that's it! I'll draw a winner with And this giveaway is open worldwide so you can all join in!
 I will draw a winner on Monday December 12. So be sure to stick around on that date!
I'll also throw in a bag of tea in the prize, haven't decided what tea yet. But I'm guessing something christmasy
Good luck!

Bright Tights Crazy Neon

Just wanted to show of this crazy neon by Essie. Very bright Orange, reminds me of road workers vests.   

Like most neons it dries matte, but I kinda like that. This isn't my average day color choice, but great for some special occasions.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Chanel - Pèridot

This beauty comes from Chanels 2011 fall collection Illusions d’Ombres, along with Graphite and Quartz. These are all named and inspired by rocks, but where Graphite and Quartz nicely reflect their stone-names, Peridot comes short. 
A real Peridot stone
Peridot is a pretty sheer green stone, very nice in jewelry. But it looks nothing like this green/gold duochrome.  

Now, I think the real Peridot color would make a nice polish, but I'm so glad this Chanel looks nothing like it! I'm so in love with this lovely green and gold duochrome. I'll let the pictures to the talking here:

It applies beautifully in two coats, but I had problems when applying the top coat. I tried both OPI and Linda Johansen, but the polish shrunk and bubbled, very annoying. I ended up not wearing a top coat, but for me that was no biggie. 
When I get my Beetlejuice collection I'll compare it with the golden/green from Models Own.
#Do You have Peridot?
 #Do you like duochromes?

Friday, 25 November 2011

X-Mas Nails

I'm going on a Christmas workshop this weekend at my Auntie Christmases house(for those of you speaking Norwegian check out her blog:
So of course I had to make my first Christmas design for that occasion:

Two mistletoes and some colorful christmas lights. The pinky and pointer are China glaze-Ruby pumps, a lovely holiday color!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Icy Roses

I made some Icy blue roses for the wintery weather. It's a combination between multiple small roses and two larger. 
I made a tutorial on how to make the small roses:

 Make some dots in blue, I used two different shades of blue. Then make the outline and petals on your roses in a darker blue. I also used some purple for this. Make a little white piece in the center. Make two small minty green leaves sticking out from the roses.
For the bigger roses I didn't make a full tutorial, 'cus I kinda just filled in a little here and there. I guess you'll just have to work with it until you're happy with the result. But I did take a picture of how I started! Just make the shape of the rose in small arches.

 Here's a lift of the colors I used: Basecolor is Orly -Au Champagne. Roses are Hm-peppermint fusion, orly-it's up to blue, OPI-the color to watch, Sephore by OPI-Havana dreams, depend - 228 and 22i, essie-blanc and for the leaves revlon-minted.

I want to try to make these in pink and yellow shades too, what do you think?
#Do you like my roses?

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Lush Spree!

Ina from the blog works at Lush in Oslo, and tonight she arranged a special VIP night for her readers. This involved getting 15% off on everything you buy! Hello, that's just amazing! I love lush, and the only thing stopping me from buying the whole store are the prizes, so this was great for me!
 Today I bought Cosmetic Warrior face mask, Coconut and almond smoothie body wash, Breath of God and Aquatic tooth tabs and a piece of Angels delight soap. I also got a little sample of Soft cover massage bar, that I know that I'll have to go back and buy a big piece of. It smells and feels so lovely!
Supercute hippieish soap bar. This also smells like angels!
Never tried before, but I love the concept! No funky ingredients like in the toothpaste tubes.
I've already tried cosmetic warrior and it feels great on my skin!
Soft cover massage bar.
I'll be back with closer reviews of some of these products, any one special you want to me to make a post about?
#How do you like lush?
#Have you tried any of these products?

My Polishes, now in a spreadsheet!

I've made a Google Spreadsheet with all my polishes. It's not completely done yet, haven't added the polish colors or finishes, but the names and brands are there! Here's a link to the spreadsheet,
Spreadsheet of my polishes I'll also add a link on the side of the page.
I'll constantly update it, and if you see something that you'd like me to swatch just go ahead and tell me!
And here are some dice and cupcake nails I made a while a go, just random:


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Stary night!

I realized that I've never made stars on my nails before! I love stars, so ofc I had to do something about it.
The result is Essie - Midnight cami with China Glaze - Papaya punch and OPI-Cajun Shrimp:

Very withcy, love it! I hope to make more stars in the future, I especially want to try some oldschool stars in pink:
#What do you think?
 #Have you made stars-nails before?

Sophies awesome beauty

I've actually been wanting to write a post about this blog for while. Because Sophie really has some awesome nail art going on! Shes a photographer so it's pretty obvious that here photos are very nice.
From Sophies blog
And now she has a giveaway going on, where you can win Shu Uemura Nourishing Protective Oil! To come to the giveaway click Here

Sophie seems like an awesome chick, who's creative, happy and original! I think you all would love her blog if you visited it! Heres the adress


First winter design this year. The snow has not yet fallen in Oslo, so I'm not really in the "winter mood" yet. But I'm sure it will come soon enough. Todays design is a little bit random. Some sponging, and dots and snowflakes and glitter. A little bit of everything going on here.

Posing with my super cute cupcake christmas decoration

Monday, 21 November 2011

Isadora - Frozen Lilacs

This polish is called Frozen Lilacs, and that is just what it looks like.

It's a frosty light purple, almost white in some lights. Very innocent and sweet. This is one of the old Isadoras, just look at the bottle. Just like Bugatti blue that I showed a while ago.

As all frosts it's kinda hard to get it even and without brushstrokes on the nail. I used three coats to get it even. Except for the brushstrokes there were non problems with this one.

Frozen Lilacs is perfect for the winter. I'm making a top 8 winter-polishes next week and this is definitely one of them! I've also made a winter design I'll be showing soon, with this as a basecolor!

#What do you think of Frozen Lilacs?
#Do you like winter-colors and designs?

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Watercoloring nail art

Today I have a new technique to show you guys. It's called watercoloring. It's kinda like water marbeling, but still not the same. Here's the finished result:

In the tutorial I saw(It's a while ago so can't remeber where I found it) they used pure aceton, but I was curious to see if it was possible with normal nailpolish remover, and it was! So I guess you can choose what you want to use, but I used nailpolish remover.
You will need:
White nailpolish
Nailpolish remover
Top coat
Medium sized soft brush
Nail polish, 2-3 colors.

The brush I'm using is this size
Pour some nailpolish remover in a little bowl or cup.
Paint your nails a solid white. Then use a top coat and wait till it has dried completely. It's important to use a top coat, so the polish remover won't ruin the white.
Now make some dots with your firs polish on your nails. I will recomend using a darker polish for your first try. Like purple or blue. That way it will be easier to see the result and what you have to do differently if it isn't working.
Now, remember that you are working fast here so don't let it dry! Dip the brush in polishremover and gently push it against the side of the bowl so it isn't soaked with the remover.
So this is the tricky part. Do not drag the brush all over the nail. Gently push it down on the drops with polish so it gets spread out. Try pushing it a little bit down all over the nail. I guess you'll just have to try what works the best for you, and don't be afraid to use more polish. You want to end up with something like this:
Repeat this part with all your colors and then seal with a top coat! Don't be mad if it doesn't work on your first try, I tried and failed many times before it worked out! But after a while this is what I have now: 

 The colors are Isadora - Sweet Violet, Revlon - Minted and Isadora - golden sparkles.
#Have you tried this before?
#Do you like my result?

My first try with nail wraps - Catastrophe!

Okey, I'm not even gonna bother trying to explain why this was a disaster! I obviously don't own any talent when it comes to nail wraps, total fail in other words...
This was my very first try, and it's probably gonna be a loong time intill I try this again.. Let the picture do the talking:
I'm totally laughing at this picture!
 I mean, come one! Is it possible to get it this wrong? I guess so..
Any tips on how to make it work a little better? I'll be grateful for any tips at all

Friday, 18 November 2011

Green and Gold Explosions(?), Stars(?)

Well, this mani was kinda inspired by Sophie. She uses tons of gold in her nail art, and I really like that! So I used some inspiration from here. And I also recreated Nailsides amazing expolsion manis.
Mine didn't turn out quit as well as hers, but practice makes better. I know that this mani can be made into some really amazing stuff so I'll just have to work on my tape techniques. Heres my result:

Colors are Isadora - Beetle green and Isadora - Golden sparkles.
If you want to see nailsides tutorial on how to make these you can see it Here

Now, I don't think mine really looks like explosions, so I don't want to call them that. More like stars I guess? What do you think?