Thursday, 28 July 2011

Nicole by OPI - One Time Lime

I must say, I do love greens and this green lives up to all it promises.
This is the first Nicole by OPI I have ever tried and I've only heard nice things about the brand so my expectations were good. And I was right.

The formula is just thick/thin enough and it dried fairly quickly. Only negative thing to say is that the brush is a little too stiff. It's just the right thickness, but when you apply the second coat the brush makes scratches in the first coat. But it's okey if you just wait about a minutte to apply second coat, and are careful.
Love the green, a totally bright lime green, not neon and not creme something in bettween maybe?

Anyways... Nicole by OPI is a totally sweet brand that I'll be using alot more. Notice the gold spots on the bottle? That used to be Sea how far you go... Unfortunately the bottle got smashed in my luggle on the way home, another good reason to pack polishes separately and soft.

Yellow with dots

Bunnfargen er HM - I'm not a kiwi og prikkene er Isadora - City Kakhi og Mellow Yellow. Siden jeg ikke likte bunnfargen alene funket dette mye bedre. Prikker på snei er ganske stilig egentlig
The basecolor is HM - I'm not a kiwi and the dots are Isadora - City Kakhi and Mellow Yellow. Since I didn't like the basecolor on it's own was thsi much better. Diagonal dots is pretty cool.

Back from vacation

Since there are much cheaper and easier to-get nail polishes in the U.S I hade to buy a bunch. And of course there are much more to choose from, so I've goten a bunch of new brands I've been wanting to try out.

All in all I've goten a good 22 new lacquers and nail art polishes. Here are all the names:
OPI - The color to watch, Be a dahlia won't you, Got the blues for red, Nicole by OPI - Berry sweet, One time Lime, Sephora by OPI - Havana dreams, Mermaid to order, Revlon - Emerald city, Minted, Essie - Blanc, Sinful Colors - Purple Diamond, Orly - It's up to Blue, Flagstone rush, Icing - Bright green, green, Wet n Wild - Carribean frost, China Glaze - Exceptionally Gifted, Love and Beauty - Chocolate Mint, Milani - 513 digital, black and white nail art brushes, Layla - Blue graffiti
Woh... That took a long time.
Notice the gold spots on the bottle? That used to be Sea how far you go... Unfortunately the bottle got smashed in my luggle on the way home, a good reason to pack polishes separately and soft.

I also got a big bottle of OPI top coat for refilling so atleast I have top coat through out the year. I got a new nice kit for keeping up the standard and wellness of my nails. A bag of four OPI manicure and pedicure lotions, which smells just lovely! And a big OPI hand and body lotiong with the smell of coconut and melon.
A new handcreme with a twillight woods scent and a hand antibac, and the famous Burt's Bees Almond milk hand creme.
That also took a long time to write down... But I think that was all, for now. I've probably forgotten something, but it will come back to me I guess.

I also want to use this opportunity to show of my new tattoos:

This is my matchin tattoo with my mum and stepmum. We didn't get all three owls on picture, but there is supposed to be one more

And this is my sailor girl. Done at Black Heart tattoo in California. I'm so happy with this one!

So... How was your summer?
Did you see any lacquers you want a swatch of, or which do you want me to do first?

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The recent happenings

This Friday something happend that makes it hard to write about something as meaningless as nailpolish. We are all shocked about the tragedy and for the ones who lost someone close, my conodolenses goes to you.
The names of the ones who have passed away have not been released by the media yet so I don't know if people I know have died. I know people that was at Utøya when it happend, and I hope non of them have been hurt.

At this time it is important to comfort each other and stay together, and remember that in this time we do not stay together with hate against a man. We stay together in grief and love for the ones lost and hurt. We will never forget this becaus loved ones have gone, and even tough we might feel hate we must not remember the hate. The man who did this said that he would rather be hated than forgotten, so let's not keep him in our minds. Let the lost ones stay in our mind and heart.

De fremmøtte rakte rosene de bar mot himmelen. FOTO: SCANPIX

Pictures: Aftenposten

I will be back blogging as usual, but not yet...

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Konkurranse hos makeupognegler

Her kan du vinne OPI silver shatter, og det er jo en veldig spennende lakk jeg har lyst til å prøve!
Følg linken og bli med!


Nailit har laget et neglelakkforum for alle oss neglelakkelskere i Norden, det er jo helt supert! Hun er veldig flink på data og dette har hun gjort selv, bra gjort!
Dette skriver hun:
Hei dere!
Jeg har brukt mye av tiden min de siste to dagene til å laget et forum til alle dere her i Norge, Sverige og Danmark som elsker neglelakk! Håper forumet blir en hit, og at vi blir et stort samfunn.
Kan bli koselig å bli bedre kjent med dere, så jeg håper alle som vil, blir medlem!

Jeg blir også veldig glad hvis dere deler linken til andre, som på feks twitter, facebook og på bloggene deres. Jeg vet allerede at
joyful og neglelakkmani har spredt budskapet, så hjelp til dere også!
Spre budskapet til neglelakk elskere! :)

HER for å komme til forumet!

Så kult om folk joiner!

Chanel - Vendetta

This is my verry first Chanel polish and I've heard a lot of great things about the brand. So my ecspectations were high, and this lacquer lived up to them!

A lovely eggplant color who looks amazing in sunlight. In the shade it looks like an average dark purple, and could even ble mistaken for black. But it's so much more than that. Take a at it in the sun and you will see blue and red glitters.
Really an amazing laqcuer you should buy if you get the chance.

All Shade

Direct Sunlight

Close up, just look at those glitters

Do you have this or want it?

Sunday, 3 July 2011

HM - I'm not a Kiwi

Jeg hadde høye forhåpninger til denne fargen, men ble skuffet. Det skal være en syrlig gulfarge som grenser over mot grønn, men den er alt for gul for min del. Hadde den vært grønnere ville denne vært nydelig.
Konsistensen var veldig tjukk og vanskelig, som gjorde at det fort ble klumper og søl.
Den er nok fin om du  liker gul veldig godt

My excpectations for this color were high, but I was dissapointed. It's supposed to be a sour yellow that lies on the limit to green. It is way too yellow for me, had it been greener would it be great. The formula is thick and hard to work with, lots of clumps and clean up work necessary.
It's nice if you like yellow.



Saturday, 2 July 2011

Pakke i posten

Nå kom fimoen og prikkeverktøyt jeg vant hos Misjelle! Har aldri prøvd fimo så dette blir spennende!

I got the package i won at Misjelle's blog!. I won a bunch of fimo and some dottingtools. I've never tried fimo before so this is gonna be fun!