Monday, 28 November 2011

Chanel - Pèridot

This beauty comes from Chanels 2011 fall collection Illusions d’Ombres, along with Graphite and Quartz. These are all named and inspired by rocks, but where Graphite and Quartz nicely reflect their stone-names, Peridot comes short. 
A real Peridot stone
Peridot is a pretty sheer green stone, very nice in jewelry. But it looks nothing like this green/gold duochrome.  

Now, I think the real Peridot color would make a nice polish, but I'm so glad this Chanel looks nothing like it! I'm so in love with this lovely green and gold duochrome. I'll let the pictures to the talking here:

It applies beautifully in two coats, but I had problems when applying the top coat. I tried both OPI and Linda Johansen, but the polish shrunk and bubbled, very annoying. I ended up not wearing a top coat, but for me that was no biggie. 
When I get my Beetlejuice collection I'll compare it with the golden/green from Models Own.
#Do You have Peridot?
 #Do you like duochromes?

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  1. Super nice. Peridot is my birth stone and I love the green colour, but the duocrome gold and green is so nice.


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