Sunday, 6 November 2011

Linda Johansen - Ballerina

Another Linda Johansen I got for review. Here is my post about Linda Johansen and the polish  Pumpkin Pie.
Now you know I'm not a nudepolish fan, well I actually never wear nude colors. But for the girls(and guys) who do, this will be a great choice.
It's sort of a fudge color with a slight hint of silver shimmer. The application is great, just like butter! If you use Linda Johansen top coat over it will get a pretty shine and drie quicker, but it dries very fast on its own too.


I think this nude is a prefect match for my skin tone, very pale. And it would be a great way to hide my yellow nails if I don't feel like wearing a color one day, haha!

                                          # Do you wear nude polish?


  1. Likte denne fargen :)
    Jeg bruker sjeldent nude farger, men denne kunne jeg tenke meg å prøve faktisk.
    PS: Har lagt til link til dette innlegget på bloggen min i innlegget jeg skrev om Linda Johansen :)

  2. Stine Marie K: Ikke sant, denne er ikke en sånn veldig "typisk" nude. Så kult!


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