Monday, 21 November 2011

Isadora - Frozen Lilacs

This polish is called Frozen Lilacs, and that is just what it looks like.

It's a frosty light purple, almost white in some lights. Very innocent and sweet. This is one of the old Isadoras, just look at the bottle. Just like Bugatti blue that I showed a while ago.

As all frosts it's kinda hard to get it even and without brushstrokes on the nail. I used three coats to get it even. Except for the brushstrokes there were non problems with this one.

Frozen Lilacs is perfect for the winter. I'm making a top 8 winter-polishes next week and this is definitely one of them! I've also made a winter design I'll be showing soon, with this as a basecolor!

#What do you think of Frozen Lilacs?
#Do you like winter-colors and designs?

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