Thursday, 24 November 2011

Icy Roses

I made some Icy blue roses for the wintery weather. It's a combination between multiple small roses and two larger. 
I made a tutorial on how to make the small roses:

 Make some dots in blue, I used two different shades of blue. Then make the outline and petals on your roses in a darker blue. I also used some purple for this. Make a little white piece in the center. Make two small minty green leaves sticking out from the roses.
For the bigger roses I didn't make a full tutorial, 'cus I kinda just filled in a little here and there. I guess you'll just have to work with it until you're happy with the result. But I did take a picture of how I started! Just make the shape of the rose in small arches.

 Here's a lift of the colors I used: Basecolor is Orly -Au Champagne. Roses are Hm-peppermint fusion, orly-it's up to blue, OPI-the color to watch, Sephore by OPI-Havana dreams, depend - 228 and 22i, essie-blanc and for the leaves revlon-minted.

I want to try to make these in pink and yellow shades too, what do you think?
#Do you like my roses?

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