Monday, 7 November 2011

Comparison: China Glaze - Ruby Pumps VS. Color Club - Ruby Slippers

I've got tons of polishes I want to compare right now, but I just can't find the time to fit it in anywhere...But here is at least the first one, of hopefuly many more to come!

Besides from sharing almost the same name, these two lacquers are very close in both color and formula. I've chosen to call them Rp(for China glaze-Ruby Pumps) and Rs(for Color Club-Ruby slippers). I guess the distinct difference I can see is that Rp has a little less glitter than Rs. Rs is totally packed, but in Rp I can see some of the sheer red base.

These are very close to being dupes, and you definitely don't need both in your collection! They don't just look the same, they behave the same when it comes to drying and removal.

My Cc-Rs is a mini and if my Rp runs out I can use it as a backup, 'cus this is a color I want a backup for! It's amazing, love it! See full swatch of Cg-Rp HERE

# Do you like this sparkling red color?

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