Saturday, 19 November 2011

Watercoloring nail art

Today I have a new technique to show you guys. It's called watercoloring. It's kinda like water marbeling, but still not the same. Here's the finished result:

In the tutorial I saw(It's a while ago so can't remeber where I found it) they used pure aceton, but I was curious to see if it was possible with normal nailpolish remover, and it was! So I guess you can choose what you want to use, but I used nailpolish remover.
You will need:
White nailpolish
Nailpolish remover
Top coat
Medium sized soft brush
Nail polish, 2-3 colors.

The brush I'm using is this size
Pour some nailpolish remover in a little bowl or cup.
Paint your nails a solid white. Then use a top coat and wait till it has dried completely. It's important to use a top coat, so the polish remover won't ruin the white.
Now make some dots with your firs polish on your nails. I will recomend using a darker polish for your first try. Like purple or blue. That way it will be easier to see the result and what you have to do differently if it isn't working.
Now, remember that you are working fast here so don't let it dry! Dip the brush in polishremover and gently push it against the side of the bowl so it isn't soaked with the remover.
So this is the tricky part. Do not drag the brush all over the nail. Gently push it down on the drops with polish so it gets spread out. Try pushing it a little bit down all over the nail. I guess you'll just have to try what works the best for you, and don't be afraid to use more polish. You want to end up with something like this:
Repeat this part with all your colors and then seal with a top coat! Don't be mad if it doesn't work on your first try, I tried and failed many times before it worked out! But after a while this is what I have now: 

 The colors are Isadora - Sweet Violet, Revlon - Minted and Isadora - golden sparkles.
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