Monday, 31 October 2011

Linda Johansen Nail Candy - Pumpkin Pie

A bunch of Norwegian nailblogers have been posting about this new brand lately, and today I got mine in the mail! It seemd to me that everybody chose colors like Mardi Gras and Razzle Dazzle, so I chose one I hadn't seen any swatches off, Pumpkin Pie! Along with this I got the color Ballerina, a Lip balm and a body scrub and body butter, yum! Reviews coming soon!

First some info on Nail Candy:
Nail Candy is a healthier alternative, free from toxins such as formaldehyd, tolulene and dibutyl. There are are a couple of toxin free brands like Zoya and Nubar (see a list here), but this is the first norwegian one!
These toxins are both dangerous for the environment and you, especially if your pregnant! The best thing is that taking these substances away will not have an effect on the formula of the polish, it's still great!
The bottles contain 11 ml of polish and cost 139 NOK, they can be bought HERE

All 12 colors

And now, over to my polish, Pumpkin Pie!

This is a pretty orange with golden shimmer. It's not metallic, only a strong shimmer. You knoe how oranges tend to be very neon, strong anf fussy? Well this is more of a mellow orange. It's rather calming to look at actually.  I think maybe the reason I choose this one was the name, I totally fell for it! But the color was worth it, it's great. 

 Speedy top coat makes it dry very fast! Will make a post about this top coat only, it will be to much to put it in here!

The brush is great. It's small and flat, and spreads out great when applying polish! See the photo for comparison with Essie and OPI brushes.

All in all I'm pretty pleased with the brand. Okey, pretty pleased would be and understatement, I'm extremly happy with it! I've already started to try out the body products and they seem so nice!
Linda Johansen definitely gets two thumbs up from me!

Here are some other swatches of Linda Johansen from other blogers:
 VakkerLakk - Mardi Gras
Neglelakkmani - Razzle Dazzle
Nailinit - Mannquin
Nailit - Chameleon
Min fargerike verden - Green Steel
Joyful  - Mellow


  1. Fin farge, men føler ikke at oransje passer til meg :)

  2. Iiih, jeg har og lyst på en av disse! Er de deilige å ta på?


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