Monday, 14 November 2011

Isadora - Forest

This Isadora polish is from the Forest Groove collection a while back. I got Forest and Bronze Platina from the collection.
Now I must say that I was really really excited about Forest, I just heard the name and saw a bottle picture and imagined brown flakies with loads of green glitter and pure beauty. To my disappointment there were almost no green at all. Soo bummed out.

But it still is very pretty! It's sort of a flakieish brown with some cobber color to it, and a tiny bit of green. Even though it didn't turn out the way I hoped I still love it. And the application was super smooth.

Direct light
Now what do you do when you want to add some extra green to something that is already beautiful? You make it more beautiful, by adding China Glaze - It's alive! A super packed green glitter!

There you go! Now that's green, and glitter, and brown, and awesome!

#Do you have Forest or It's alive?
# How do you like this combo?


  1. Ha! I love the combination. Really pretty.

  2. Eg synes at den så veldig grønn ut på de første bildene eg (altså uten It's Alive)... Likte fargen :D

  3. Liker denne fargen godt. Skikkelig fin høstfarge :)

  4. Likte fargen alene og med It's alive! Utrolig fine farger begge to ;D

  5. Ja, litt grønn ble den jo. Men ikke i nærheten av hva jeg forventet!
    Thanks for the nice comments!

  6. En av mina absoluta favorit nagellack :) Jag älskar skogen så jag antar att det påverkar mitt tycke för detta lack också :)


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