Friday, 18 November 2011

Green and Gold Explosions(?), Stars(?)

Well, this mani was kinda inspired by Sophie. She uses tons of gold in her nail art, and I really like that! So I used some inspiration from here. And I also recreated Nailsides amazing expolsion manis.
Mine didn't turn out quit as well as hers, but practice makes better. I know that this mani can be made into some really amazing stuff so I'll just have to work on my tape techniques. Heres my result:

Colors are Isadora - Beetle green and Isadora - Golden sparkles.
If you want to see nailsides tutorial on how to make these you can see it Here

Now, I don't think mine really looks like explosions, so I don't want to call them that. More like stars I guess? What do you think?


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