Thursday, 3 November 2011

Linda Johansen body Products

Along with two nail lacquers and a top coat I got some samples to show you guys!

First up is: Vanilla & Sugar - Candy Body Scrub

When I first read "Candy" I though this would smell really sweet, sickening and artifical, but boy was I wrong! This dosen't smell artificial at all! It has a light and very calming smell of vanilla with candyish in it. Mmm, I'm so in love!
After using this scrub my skin feels really nice. You know how some bodyscrubs actually are bodybutter with some small scrubing particles in it? Well this is 100% scrubing, but it doesn't leave your skin dry, my skin feels soft and warm afterwards!

Vanilla & Sugar - Candy Bodybutter

This bodybutter smels the same as the body scrub only stronger, and I love it! I want to bath in this bodybutter, that's how nice it feels! The consistence is very fluffy, almost like a mousse. My hands love it, great moisturising, also for my cuticles. The bodybutter contains three rich oils that give the skin a healthy and glowing look. Gets absorbed quickely by the skin and protects for 24 hours, all natural
Vanilla SPF 15 Lip Balm

This lip balm contains ingredients such as: Organic sunflowe oil, Organic beewax, Organic jojoba oil and Vitam E. For me the taste of beewax is amazing, and with this combination with vanilla feels very nice. I love to use it on my lips, especially now that winters coming upon us. This vanilla and beewax lip balm is definitely worth getting!
Buy it here for 79 NOK


  1. Åh, den skrubben og kremen hørtes fantastiske ut <3

  2. Jeg bruker disse og er veldig fornøyd :o)


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