Monday, 14 November 2011

Isadora - Silver flicks(and galaxies)

For my birthday celebration these were my nails. And I know what you are thinking now "Jeez, more crackles?" And I agree, we are all fedd up with the crackle trend. Despite that I did buy this new silver crackle from Isadora, I regret that I didn't but the one called Pink Flame though(see swatches of them all here).
Anyway... The base is from Isadoras Holiday collection Red Rush and is called Black Galaxy. Black with multicolored glitters.

I got some new nailpolish for my birthday and I'll be showing it as soon as I get the chance!
#What do you think of this combo?


  1. I like the combo - and I like that it actually crackled! Nice nails.

  2. Likte kombinasjonen eg! Vil virkelig ha den rosa lakken :D

  3. Jeg vil faktisk ha en av glitter cracklene. Den var jo kjempefin!

  4. Ja ikke sant! Selvom man er lei crackle var disse kjempe fine


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