Thursday, 17 November 2011

Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Clover

Sophie showed Kleancolor - Chunky holo Funchsia on her blog the other day. And that reminded me that I hadn't tried all my Kleancolors yet. More important, I hadn't tried the one I was looking the most forward too. Chunky Holo Clover.
It's a very sheer green base with green and orange duochrome glitters. It's very nice, but not Amazing... I wish there had been more shades of green in there. What you are seeing is one coat of Nicole by OPI-One time Lime and two coats of Chunky Clover.

Now green is my absolout favorite polish color! I love almost everythin green, so of course this one became a little lover right away. But remember; Green polishes stains, and it if you don't use a base coat your nails will turn out extremely yellow!

#Do you have any Kleancolors?
#What's your favorite polish color?


  1. Eg må virkelig få prøvd resten av mine Kleancolor neglelakker.. går litt treigt her med alle lakkene eg skal vise frem (i tillegg til alt annet eg skal blogge om...) Djis.. men denne fargen likte eg :D

  2. Ja det er beatle green! den er superduper fin!

    jeg bruker canon eos 500d, og jeg brukte bare lang lukketid på det bildet :)

    jeg elsker spesielt de galaxy neglelakkene dine.. super fint, men hvor får man kjøpt sånne?


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