Saturday, 20 August 2011

Essie - Wild Thing

I bought this at a two-for-one sale at a hair salon not long ago. The bottle caught my eye right away. I like Essie a lot, but it's really expensive in Norway so I don't normaly buy it. But on a sale like this I had to buy two of course! One bottle of Essie costs 139 - nok, but here I got two for 139, no bad deal!

Three coats, shade

Three coats, daylight
I totally love this color! A deep berryred with sparkly glitters. The formula was a little thin so I had to use three coats, but other than that I can't find anything negative about it!
This is a great color for the autumn and I'm sure I'll be wearing it alot! If there is still a sale at the hair salon all you Norwegians should go and get some essie! It is at the bottom floor in Oslo City and called Nikita.

# Do you love Essie or this color?
# What is your favorite autumn color?

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  1. For en utrolig nydelig lakk! Eg har ingen Essielakker så langt...


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