Sunday, 28 August 2011

Nailpolish is useful, in many ways

This is a post to show that nailpolish can be used for other things than just to make your nails beautiful or ful of art.

Me and my classmate have the keys to eachothers locker, so if I forget my keys at home she can open my locker and opposite.Now these keys look almost exactly the same so to keep them apart I painted the top of the keys in different colors, with nailpolish.

For my own key I used Viva la Diva # 114 and Nfu oh #51 and for my friendskey I used Spehora by OPI - Havana Dreams and Nfu oh #54.

This is a great way to mark your keys or to just make them more fashionable. Of course you can also paint other things like your cellphone, cardholder and Ipod.

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  1. Faderen gjør noe av det samme. Holdt på å le meg ihjæl da mannen som nærmer seg 60 spurte folk om de hadde en neglelakk han kunne låne. "Hvilken farge?" "Samma det, skal bruke den på en nøkkel" :-D


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