Tuesday, 23 August 2011

H&M Duo - Dusty Nails

This was the duopolish I was looking the most forward to. It consists of a light gray and a dirty light pink. The gray has a lot of pink tones in it and the pink has gray tones. A perfect combo if you ask me.

Here is a combination of the two colors

The formula is great and I had no problems with the application. The only negative thing is that the brush if very small. Much smaler than the normal HM brushes. Another thing is that you really need to use a top coat with this one. Or else it will chip off in no time. I tried wearing it without a top coat, by the end of the day almost half of the color was gone from my nails!
But I must say I like it alot, and I believe it's a must in every nailpolish collection!


  1. Fargene ser veldig fine ut :) Må skaffe meg disse!

  2. Blir nok en tur innom H&M snart ja! ;) syns 2 av de 3 Duo lakkene jeg har sett er fine :)

  3. Kia - Nailsncupcakes24 August 2011 at 06:21

    peneperler: Absolutt verdt det! Skal vise fram de to andre snart også!

  4. Liker denne best av duolakkene, selv om jeg ikke har den i samlingen min :)

  5. Kjøpte denne i dag, men herlighet så liten den er. Haha, hadde virkelig trodd at den var større :p


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