Monday, 1 August 2011

Sephora by OPI - Havana Dreams

So, the plan was to start blogging again now that I'm home, but I've been really ill the last week so I haven't had the energy. But it feels like I'm getting better now so hopefully I'll be writing more soon.

Todays polish is also a new brand to me. I've never tried Sephora by OPI before, but I gotta say that I kinda knew that it would be a geat brand.
Havana Dreams is a skyblue creme which looks lovely in the summer. It's great as a basecolor for naildesigns, and nice by itself if you want something light and easy.
The consistence was a little hard to work with and you need about three coats to get it smooth and even. Since the formula is kinda thick it's easy spill some polish over your fingers, therefor a cleanup afterwards is necessary. I like to use a cheap, little, flat brush you can buy in most stores and dip it in nailpolish remover for my clean up.

Havana Dreams in direct sunlight

Havana Dreams in the shade

I love this blue, and I love Sephora. Next I'll be showing Sephoras Mermaid to order, which is quite a different color.


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