Saturday, 15 October 2011

Witches and cats behind a full moon

Again I was inspired by the amazing Robin Moses. She made a videotutorial on how to make these cute witches, so I followed that. You can watch the video here
I made some personal twists to it though.
Started with a dark blue sky and added silver and gold stars. I used Essie - Midnight Cami, and a gold and silver polish(your own choice!)

 Then I made the full moon and added a darker orange around the outline of the circle. I used Gosh - Yellow dool (I wish I had used a more opaque yellow. Isadora - Mellow Yellow for example) and China Glaze - Papaya Punch

For the last part just follow the video tutorial to make the witches with a thin brush. For the cats, start with an upside down U and add a head and tail. pretty easy! On the cats I added som branches with green and orange leaves for an autumn feeling!

For the branches I used Isadora - Cool camel, Gosh - Peachy and OPI - Green-wich village
Note that Robin Moses uses acrylic paint for her designs

There you go! I'm not a hundred procent pleased with the result, but with some practice it will be perfect!

                                                       # Do you like this design? Will you make it?


  1. Wow, du er knallflink med slike design ;D

  2. knall tøfft! vil garantert prøve ut noen halloween designs snart! det nermer seg jo selveste halloween straks!:)

  3. Tusen takk! Utrolig hyggelig med tilbakemelding som er så positiv!

  4. wow, you are really good !
    how often do you change your nailpolish? : )


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