Thursday, 13 October 2011

Tie Design

I love celebrations and national days, and I usually fulfill them. On Talk like a Pirate day, I talk like a pirate. On St. Patricks day, I dress in green. I don't kick a Ginger on Kick a ginger day though... Anyway...Today is international suit up day! And what better way to celebrate than to make little tie designs on my nails? These are super easy, and very cute!

Index: Isadora - Cool camel and ChG - Papaya Punch (When I think about ties I always imagine this hideous combination of brown and orange!)
Middle - Revlon - Minted and Viva la Diva - 114 ( Was a little fast on the top coat with this one)
Ring - Barry M - Neon Yellow and Essie - Licorice
Little - Orly - It's up to blue and Isadora - Pink Lemonade
Thumb - OPI - Cajun Shrimp and Isadora - Gold Sparkles
I don't own a suite so instead I wore a sailor dress and a polkadot tie today. I sort of matched the yellow with black dots tie to my real-life tie.
I had to use an internett diagram to tie the tie, and it didn't come out perfect.. But that's not the point. The point is that I suited up! Did you?


  1. How do you know about all these holidays!?
    And were is the tie from? I love it! And I love the nails :D

  2. Den brune og oransje var desidert tøffest :D

  3. Kia - Nailsncupcakes13 October 2011 at 22:25

    JM: Hmm, I'm not sure. I guess I pick up info about special days everywhere and write them down in my calender. Some events are on most regular wall-calenders, and some are on facebook and in the newspaper
    The tie is from a fleamarket!


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