Friday, 14 October 2011

Skeleton designs

This video by Robin Moses is what inspired me to make a skeleton dressed as a pimp! But I thought, why not make five different themed skeletons?

So what I came up with is a Pimp, a Pirate, a Lady, a Baby and a Dog, all unique.

This was not that hard at all! The hard part was to add the clothes and stuff, but to make the body was easy if you have thin paintbrush, just follow the tutorial in the video.
They turned out pretty funny, but the one I liked the most is definitely the Pirate!
For the design I have used Essie for the black and white and an H&M for the red.
Pimps hat an boa are OPI - Planks a lot with OPI - The color to watch, to make the shine. The feather is Icing - green and OPI - Green-wich Village. Necklace is Isadora - Gold sparkles
The brown on the pirate is Isadora - Cool camel
The yellow on the banana and baby is Isadora - Mellow Yellow

Hope you enjoyed this design!


  1. Dette var jo sinnsykt kult! :) Men hvordan klarer du å lage det på høyre hånd (eller venstre)?

  2. Sunniva: Siden jeg er venstrehendt er dette øyrehånden min, klarer ikke lage det like bra på venstre hånda. Pleier heller å lage et mindre avansert design på den, er ganske flink til å bruke høyrehånden, men ikke såå flink

  3. Fy søren så stilig :D Digger dette designet! Virkelig stilig :D

  4. Omg, this is so good! I love it :D
    So special and fun!
    Du er virkelig flink på negldesign, søte :D


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