Monday, 24 October 2011

Space nails: Galaxy!

My very first try on making galaxys on my nails! My inspiration picture was this:
Milky Way.
You've probably seen a bunch of galaxy nails, so I tried to make some that where a little different.. Maybe I failed a little, their not THAT unique... Oh, well.
Was going to make a tutorial, but forgott to take pictures during the whole process. I have pictures of the two first steps though, and they are the most important...
You need: -  A makeup sponge torn into small pieces.
 - A dotting tool or toothpick.
- Black, white, yellow, orange, pink purple flakies, dark blue and a glitter in a clear base.                                                              
 Paint all your nails black. Make the form of your milky way with white polish and a small piece makeup sponge
Then use yellow and pink over the white. Concentrate it around the middle.
After this I used a darker orange and more pink here and there. Then I went around the whole form with a dark blue to blend it into the black. I also sponged on some various shades of purple and flakies over the black. And finish with a glitter in a clear base.
Make small and some bigger stars around the rest, and voila! You have your own galaxy.

Heres the list of what I used: Essie - Blanc, Midnight Cami and Licorice, Miliani - Digital,  Isadora - Mellow Yellow , China Glace - Papaya Punch, Exceptionaly gifted, Orly - Fowl Play, random pink glitter.

# Have you made Space nails before?
# Do you like my galaxies?


  1. Dette var virkelig en av de fineste galaxyneglene eg har sett! Wow :D

  2. Jeg har faktisk ikke tenkt på å ha et inspirasjonsbilde; det hadde nok gjort det litt enklere. :p Det blei skikkelig bra!

  3. Wow! Prøv nordlysnegler også, det er det sikkert ikke så mange som har gjort før.


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