Saturday, 7 April 2012

Revlon - Apple-tini Fizz

I don't know if i mentioned it, but I won the giveaway Labmuffin was hosting a while ago. It made me really happy, not only because the prize was totally rad, but because I really like labmuffins blog! If you haven't checked it out, you should. She's the beauty guide with a white lab coat and interesting facts!

So one of the polishes I won was Revlon - Apple-tini fizz, a green jelly based flakie polish, and it's scented!! Hello, gorgeous. I adore green, flakies, apple smell and jellies so this was a win-win polish for me! Since the revlon was so sheer I layered it over NicolebyOPI - One time lime. One time Lime is the polish I have that stains the very most. It's a total nightmare if you forget a basecoat with this. To be on the safe side I actually used two coats with Linda Johansen  - Ridge filler.
One coat One time lime and two coats Apple-tini Fizz

 Apple-tini fizz was very sheer, and it kinda flooded my cuticles when I first tried to put it on. So for this polish very thin coats is the thing! The scent is great! Kinda like sour apple-candy, fits perfect with the name. I think the best way to describe the scent is just by saying Apple-tini Fizz, hehe.

I think this would look great layered over black, need to try that next time! Or maybe I'll go a little crazy and layer it over red or purple, what do you say?

# What do you think of Apple-tini fizz?
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