Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How to: Pimp your Iphone case with nail polish, Cherry Bomb

My Iphone case was just way to black and dull. It needed some work done so I chose one of my favorite designs to pimp it!
 I took step by step pictures to show how I did it:
1) I used China Glaze - Papaya punch to make the outlining. Since the orange is only going to be visible on the corners I focused the polish on those areas. Used two coats to get it opaque. The polish had a chemical reaction with the plastic on the case, you can see the crackling on the photo. I don't really mind the crackling since it's an explosion design, and most of it goes away with a top coat so no stress!

2) Filled in with OPI - Quarter of a cent cherry

3) Then filled in with some green NicolebyOPI - One time Lime.

4) Now making the Cherry. Made two dots with Orly - Cherry Bomb( I know, the name fits prefect!) and China Glaze - Holy-day and Isadora - Cool Camel 

5) Finished of with some highlights and details, and then added a top coat! Also did some cleanup with nail polish remover around the edges of the orange.

That's it! My Iphone case looks a lot cooler now, it's very me.
One can also use rhinestones, fimo or other ornaments to create a personal case. I also have my phone in my pocket so it would be very unpractical with a bunch of rhinestone and stuff on it... Even though this design will eventually go away I can just create something else! It's not gonna last forever, but that just means I can create something else!
 # Have you pimped your Iphone case yourself?


  1. Jeg fikset også mitt iPhone deksel, hadde et grønt gratis/reklame deksel fra elixia, så limte jeg rosa rhinestones på hele :)
    Ble ganske kult, for en så de grønne imellom stenene:)

  2. Du er flink og kreativ du :D


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