Tuesday, 17 April 2012

OPI - I don't give a Rotterdam

From the Holland collection, this dusty blue is very similar to Zoya - Skylar, but no dupes as Thepolishaholic states here.
The colors is toned down, but has a great golden shimmer and some pink undertones that really makes it pop! A very dusty and cold color, not great for that sunny summer feeling. It reminds me a lot of a rainy day in the city, wet asphalt and grey skies.
Three coats:

 No application problems at all.

I love the name! I've always wanted to go to Rotterdam 'cus the name is so rad!
# What do you think of I don't give a Rotterdam?


  1. Jeg liker slike gråfarger. Vant en av deg for en stund tilbake som jeg er blitt veldig glad i :)

  2. I love this colour and your description of it! :D

  3. I love color like this,very nice...

  4. I love OPI names... they always make me giggle :) This one too :)
    I love the color.. dammit now I want that too :D
    OPI polishes are rather expensive over here in Finland.. they cost about 17 euros.. they are worth it though :)

  5. I love this polish!! Looks nice!


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