Monday, 19 March 2012

My awesome beauty's nail art challenge

If you haven't already heard about Myawesomebeauty it's a blog totally worth checking out. Sophie is great with geometrical figures and tapemanis, which is so different from my own style, but still very cool!
She is celebrating her blogs anniversary with having a little nail art challenge, were one has to recreate one of her designs using new colors. There will be a winner, and I think there a going to be some amazing prizes(the prizes are still not decided). I'm going to make a couple of designs and then chose one to enter with, but I thought I would show you one I made today.
The design I'm recreating is this:

For my design I used OPI - Planks a lot, Orly - Gumdrop and Love and beauty - Silver. As you know I'm not very into tapedesigns. I'm more of a freehand girl, so I had some problems getting the lines straight. I still think I did pretty good though:

Get to the giveaway here
# Are you gonna enter?
# What do you think of my first try?


  1. Nice, but you are not the geometrical guru yet ;)

  2. Så fint, med helt andre farger en det jeg brukte til denne konkurransen. :)

  3. Jag gillar din manikyr :) Jag får aldrig det att bli bra då jag försöker mig på samma tricks :)
    Jag kommer nog inte att delta i tävlingen. Jag har bestämt mig för att hålla mig ifrån tävlingar där priserna är något som har att göra med makeup och skönhet. Har så mycket redan från förr så är på en liten makeup spending ban för tillfället :)


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