Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Guestpost for Do Not Refreeze: Cupcake nails

Leanne Amy needed bloggers to do guestpost for her while she was on vacation, and since she's one of my favoritte bloggers I became delighted when she said I could do one!
Todays design are cupcake nails. You can make them with a big variety of colorchoices to get different types of effects.
You will need:
A dotting tool or a bobby pin, a rhinestone.

Start with your basecolor and let it dry completely. On this nail I'm using white from Stargazer, but I will show the design in different colors:

Then use a flat brush, or just the nailpolish brush if it's thin enough, to make a brown or dark yellow square that fills half the nail. Use a lighter or darker shade of the same color and draw three lines in the square, don't let them touch the top. In this picture i used a lighter brown to make the stripes. Here you use the smallest end of a dotting tool:

 Now find your frosting color and create the frosting with a dotting tool. Try to draw it in circles upwards to create the illusion of a real frostingpipe. If the brown square is to big or misshaped you can now fiks it by filling over with frosting:

 Use a darker shade of the same color and make lines with the circles. Don't draw the lines all the way over the cupcake, just on the sides. Still using the smallest end of my dotting tool:
Finish off with some sprakles, in one or two colors. Here I used blue and yellow and a red rhinestone on top. Seal it with a topcoat for shine and long last!
There you have your cupcake!

Now I will show the same design in different colors on the background, frosting and sparkles. It's amazing how much it changes.
Here I've used Gosh - Yellow Doll, Viva la Dive #114 Depend #221 and OPI - Lincoln park after dark as background.
Closeup on the dark cupcake. China Glaze - Ruby pumps as the frosting

Since my blog is called Nailsncupcakes I think the design is very appropriate for me. Cupcakes are cute and colorful and fits perfect to any happening. If you think it's an overkill to make a cupcake on each nail there's no problem to make it on just one finger. Just be creative!
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial and that your own cupcakes will be cute! Please let me know if you make one, and send me a picture, that would be awesome!
Have a great and colorful summer
- Kia - Nailsncupcakes

This post will be posted on donotrefreeze  on the 17th of July

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