Sunday, 4 December 2011

Inspired by an Animal Sunday!

So recently I've been looking at a bunch of animal photographers and animal photos, and I've been so inspired! It all started when I came across This article in dailymail. Thes animal eye photos are taken by Photographer Joel Sartore, his homepage his here: Also the great Nicolas Reusen that you can check out here:

Always watchful: The eye of a Green Tree Python Pretty in pink? The eye of a military macaw
Now this guy is REALLY talented, and his photos are also very original. I spent hours looking through them all. And I was so inspired to make nailart. So I've decided to have themed Sundays, inspired by animals. When you think about animal patterns I guess the first thing that pops in your head is leopard print, and ofc I WILL make some leopard prints too, but there are so much more to be inspired by! I'm really looking forward to doing this! Hope you are too!

For this first Sunday I choose this picture of a Veiled Chameleon eye to be inspired by:
The eye of a Veiled Chameleon, which boasts 360-degree vision
And this is how it turned out:

I've used: White basecolor from essie, China glaze - papaya punch, isadora - mellow yellow, HM - bellas choice, isadora - ocean drive and black form Essie. The brown is just papaya punch mixed with black!

#What do you think of my Chameleon nails?
#Do you think Inspired by an animal Sunday is a good idea?


  1. Oh wow These are great and creative!

  2. Fantastiske bilder og et flott negledesign :D

  3. glitterpolish: I used a dotting tool for most of it and then a thin brush to add details. Pretty easy actually, and totally cool!


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