Monday, 26 December 2011

Comparison of Models own - Golden green and Chanel - Peridot

After first swatching Golden Green I though it would be kinda similar to Peridot, but I'm very happy to say that I was wrong.
Peridot has undertones in kobber and orange, and Golden Green is all green and yellow. Golden Green is a lot more duochrome, but it doesn't quite have the same magic as Peridot has.

Another thing is that I had problems with Peridot reacting with top coats and shrinking( all top coats, not just Seche Vite) Golden Green on the other hand, I had no problems with. They both try a little metallic, but Peridot is more frosty in the finish.

I can't decide which one I like the most, they are both pretty in their own way!

When I was wearing Peridot to my aunts house she saw my nails and instantly ran to the kitchen to get a box of spice. The background color looks a lot like peridot! I realize now that it looks even more like Goldengreen though, fun! This is a Norwegian spice called Gastromat. 

Do you agree that it's similar?

 #Do you like Golden Green or Peridot more?

I don't think there will be any more posts before I come home from San Fransisco... But I hope you all are doing good and had a great Christmas!


  1. I really like the green the tones are so pretty!

  2. I love them both, and yet have neither. Sad.

    I tagged you for a badge. If you'd like to pick it up, it can be found at

  3. Great colors. How neat that your aunt found that spice. Definately similar!


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