Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Green Love!

Green is my absolute favorite nailpolish color, and it's actually weird that I don't have more green polish than I do. I don't think it's the color that I have the most of...
Anyway, here's a splatter mani I made a while ago and totally forgot to show you. I love it so much, a combination of emerald sparkle and grass green:

Nfu Oh# 56 and OPI - Green-wich village

#What is your favorite nailpolish color?
#Do you like green?


  1. This came out awesome! Love love those greens!

  2. Hvordan lagde du dette designet da? :) Likte fargene :D

  3. Elizabeth Michelle: Det er splatter! Kjempe fin tutorial her:
    Litt vanskelig i begynnelsen, men med litt øvelse blir det flott


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