Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The recent happenings

This Friday something happend that makes it hard to write about something as meaningless as nailpolish. We are all shocked about the tragedy and for the ones who lost someone close, my conodolenses goes to you.
The names of the ones who have passed away have not been released by the media yet so I don't know if people I know have died. I know people that was at Utøya when it happend, and I hope non of them have been hurt.

At this time it is important to comfort each other and stay together, and remember that in this time we do not stay together with hate against a man. We stay together in grief and love for the ones lost and hurt. We will never forget this becaus loved ones have gone, and even tough we might feel hate we must not remember the hate. The man who did this said that he would rather be hated than forgotten, so let's not keep him in our minds. Let the lost ones stay in our mind and heart.

De fremmøtte rakte rosene de bar mot himmelen. FOTO: SCANPIX

Pictures: Aftenposten

I will be back blogging as usual, but not yet...

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