Thursday, 28 July 2011

Back from vacation

Since there are much cheaper and easier to-get nail polishes in the U.S I hade to buy a bunch. And of course there are much more to choose from, so I've goten a bunch of new brands I've been wanting to try out.

All in all I've goten a good 22 new lacquers and nail art polishes. Here are all the names:
OPI - The color to watch, Be a dahlia won't you, Got the blues for red, Nicole by OPI - Berry sweet, One time Lime, Sephora by OPI - Havana dreams, Mermaid to order, Revlon - Emerald city, Minted, Essie - Blanc, Sinful Colors - Purple Diamond, Orly - It's up to Blue, Flagstone rush, Icing - Bright green, green, Wet n Wild - Carribean frost, China Glaze - Exceptionally Gifted, Love and Beauty - Chocolate Mint, Milani - 513 digital, black and white nail art brushes, Layla - Blue graffiti
Woh... That took a long time.
Notice the gold spots on the bottle? That used to be Sea how far you go... Unfortunately the bottle got smashed in my luggle on the way home, a good reason to pack polishes separately and soft.

I also got a big bottle of OPI top coat for refilling so atleast I have top coat through out the year. I got a new nice kit for keeping up the standard and wellness of my nails. A bag of four OPI manicure and pedicure lotions, which smells just lovely! And a big OPI hand and body lotiong with the smell of coconut and melon.
A new handcreme with a twillight woods scent and a hand antibac, and the famous Burt's Bees Almond milk hand creme.
That also took a long time to write down... But I think that was all, for now. I've probably forgotten something, but it will come back to me I guess.

I also want to use this opportunity to show of my new tattoos:

This is my matchin tattoo with my mum and stepmum. We didn't get all three owls on picture, but there is supposed to be one more

And this is my sailor girl. Done at Black Heart tattoo in California. I'm so happy with this one!

So... How was your summer?
Did you see any lacquers you want a swatch of, or which do you want me to do first?


  1. ÅJ, her var det mange nye spennede lakker :D Jeg gleder meg til min tur til USA til høsten. Har lenge tenkt på om jeg skal handle masse neglelakk og sende det hjem i posten. Så slipper jeg overvekt på kofferten. Hehe.
    Fortell gjerne om hva du synes om OPI produktene når du har fått testet de!! :)

  2. Knallstilige tatoveringer :D Likte faktisk sailor girl'en bedre enn uglene selv om eg elsker ugler! Den var bare så utrolig flott :D <3

    Og nye neglelakker! Gleder meg til å se swatches :D


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